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If I replace the windows and doors in my home, will I need to re-stucco or paint the exterior?

No, with IWC Replacement windows and doors, your installer can leave the existing window frame in place with little or no damage to the stucco.

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Which is more energy efficient, Aluminum or Vinyl Windows?

While Vinyl typically offers better energy efficiency, IWC now has the Ambassador family of Thermally Broken Aluminum products that offers energy calculations that are close to vinyl.

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Are there any rebates that I am eligible for if I replace the windows and doors in my home?

Frequently there are local Government rebates available for utilizing Energy Star products in the home.  Check with your local city or energy provider for these types of rebates.

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Are white and tan the only colors available for vinyl windows and doors?

No, with IWC vinyl products you have the option of several standard colors available.

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I have a thirty foot exterior wall in my home that I would like to place a door, is this possible?

Yes, with the IWC Keltic door system, size doesn’t matter.  With Multi-slide and Pocket Door styles available, you can virtually combine the outside and inside of your home with the door configuration of your choice.

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